the best arrangement for crushing industry

Tool for crushing hard material

The concept of invention: a tool for crushing hardthe insert has a nest for the arrangement of aThe invention relates to the mining industry, mor

Method and apparatus for crushing waste tires

The present invention provides a method and an apparatus for crushing and pulverizing tire chips roughly crushed to a size of 10 cm in length by

Method and apparatus for crushing-breaking of casting

Method and apparatus for crushing-breaking of casting products and cutter arrangement thereforAbstract ofThe invention provides a cutter for a method of

Web crushing arrangement for a card web

2010519-A web crushing arrangement for a card web comprises cooperating working rolls (6,7) which are supported by a pressure-loadable support membe

Mounting arrangement for transmission shift cables

20031219-A two-piece cable mounting arrangement is provided for a vehicle gearshift mechanism support base comprising an upper-half section and a bot


An arrangement for the exposure of a pumpable medium to an electric field. The arrangement comprises, at least two power supplies (100) for the

Apparatus for crushing or grinding ore

2002619-This invention relates to methods of and apparatus for crushing or grinding ore, rock and other materials, and more particularly to methods

Tamping arrangement for supplying a material to crushing

Tamping arrangement for supplying a material to crushing rollers 2144911 Apparatus for the manufacturing of flakes 1939-01-24 Home

Bearing arrangement for a roller crusher

A bearing arrangement for a roller crusher having a pair of crushing rollers (R), each one including a shaft having end portions, mounted in respective

Fluidized crusher/drier for use in a fluidized crushing/

A fluidized crusher/drier for use in a fluidized crushing/drying system includes: a generally tower-shaped housing; a product discharge outlet provided in


201615-324 Food Industry Wheat seeds or other arrangement of the rollers, differential speed, for estimating the energy required for crushing

Mobile Crushing Plant - Manufacturers, Suppliers & Wholesalers

mobile carting arrangement for ease of the best quality range of Mobile Crushing And Backed with immense industr



Joints for pipes, particularly intended for the oil industry

Joint for pipes of the type in which an end of a male member (1) provided with a thread is screwed into a member (2) having a

Method and apparatus for crushing material

20101120-The disclosed method and apparatus for crushing material such as ice include a controller to actively control the speed, volume, temperature

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Free Online Library: The top 30.(p. 50-96, Cover story) by "Medical Product Outsourcing"; Science and technology, general Computer industry Rankings

refuse from milling industry, involves crushing old bread by

The method involves crushing the old bread by appropriate process or arrangement. The old bread so prepared is fed to a fireplace by a conveyor. The

Apparatus for crushing things

An apparatus for crushing waste, having two rotating drums mounted substantially at the same level and in parallel with each other in a casing having an

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There really is no clear winner from this arrangement. Photographers may getsucceed in a business that is known for crushing hopes and dreams before

Conical crushing board and spindle mounting arrangement for a

Conical crushing board and spindle mounting arrangement for a cone crusherthe spindle to hold down the conical locating member and the conical

Mechanism for crushing cans

A mechanism for crushing cans includes a base, a housing disposed on the front portion of the base and having a panel, a slide slidably engaged in

Apparatus for crushing containers

10. The apparatus for crushing containers as recitedarrangement of stationary and movable presser As best shown in FIG. 1, a lever 26 serves


20011119-A rotary furnace serves for treating flowable solids and has an output through which the treated flowable solids issue at elevated temperatu

Apparatus and method for crushing material

A crushing apparatus comprising first and second crushing jaws with each of the crushing jaws having a crushing surface. The crushing surfaces are arranged