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[FIC] Never Again Part 18 - Reunion story

Title: Never Again Parts: 18/? Rating: PG-13, AU Pairing: YunJaeHo, Yoosu, Jaechun (friendship), Minsu (friendship) Disclaimers and warnings: I

[fic] First Love - Chapter 3 - my YUNJAE world^^,

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Rivals (Yunjae fic) - Dancing in the Rain

2014929-Genre: fluff, crack Pairing: Yunjae Characters: DBSK ot5, Leeteuk, Boa, Hyun Joong, Kyuhyun and others not mentioned by name Rating: PG Summ

MasterFic List - yunshi_himura

Series Title: Royal Princes Status: Completed Pairings: YunJae, YooSu, HeeWon, KangTeuk, EunHae, KyuMin, KiMin Summary: Yunho is a prince of South

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NEW FIC!!! - angst drama romance yunjae mpreg - Asianfanfics

Hey guys heres the link to my new fic i hope you enjoy it cause i enjoyed trying to come up with it Please subscribe and comment and thank you

(Gay) Teenage Drama - angst comedy drama fluff yunjae fic

Yukimiya's friend Youngwoong on LJ actually wrote a fic called And It Led Me Back to You, AKA the most un-Yunjae Yunjae fic ever. While it

9095 YunJae's Corner

First of,this blog won't just revolve around YunJae but also all of theof the fic/makers of the videos/and pictures will be given full credits


♡ Master Ficlist ♡ yunjae_diamonds May 21st he doesn’t need the king to feel complete.Rating: NC-18Author: yunjae_diamondsStatus:

fic yunjae. Second Chance by scmox on WHI

fic yunjae. Second Chance image collection by Lily (scmox) ▾ About WHI Business Careers Blog Download the App Heart Button Language Terms Privac

Yunjae Fanfics | fanfictoprex

Title: No More Secrets [Part 1 of the Stage it Out Loud series] Pairings: YunJae; YooMin; HoMin very, very, VERY complicated bffery Length: 29/29

zoeybunnygals | [FIC] Revenge, A Bittersweet Love (Chapter 18)

[FIC] Revenge, A Bittersweet Love (Chapter 18)lost the one thing he needed to complete him. and yunjae to continue his revenge plotnote

Fic: Small Triumphs of War 7/18 - musical oddnotes

Title: Small Triumphs of War (part 7) Author: Dreaminthepast Pairing:(s) Yunjae, YooMin, SuMin Rating: Pg Summary: In a world filled with war,

นิยาย [[ Short Fic ]] TVXQ YunJae :

[[ Short Fic ]] TVXQ YunJaeปัญหารูปภาพห 58 YunJae ## หัวใจจ้าว ## 18 3 เม

fic yunjae 18 complete

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A Yunjae Lunatic's Fanfic Journal

Hi~~ I am DB5K & Yunjae fan of years; I had started to write that when I start writing a chaptered fic it takes a while to update

DBSK Fic Finders

I'm looking for a YunJae fic. I think its AU. All I remember is Yunho was singing California King Bed to Jaejoong while playing the guitar. I

yun&jae immortal love | yunjae fan fic blog

yunjae fan fic blogالقائمة تخطى إلى stiff Roses S1 (18) stiff Roses S2 (11) strange relationship (5)

Faith In YunJae's Love | "널 내 안에 둔 그 날

, yoosu, yunho, yunjae, yunjaeff, yunjaeficMay 18, 2013 by avclaire UILFME 8 : Dying someone to complete the hole inside his mom’s

20 Fanfics (YunJae) - dbsk jaejoong jyj yunho yunjae fic

  YunJae is perfection.  And so are YunJae authors.  This is a list of the best YunJae fanfics I ever read, be it from recommendation of

without you, i'm nothing. | [Rec List] YunJae Fanfic

[Rec List] YunJae Fanfic Fandom: Dong Bang Shin Ki Pairing: YUNJAE ONLY! Note: All fics is not mine. Credits go to all writers that already

Yunho jaejoong yunjae smut indonesia

Jung as you know banyak Yunjae shippers yang ngakunya pernah ngeramal That's what I write so click in my masterfic list and read, comment,

FicYunJae&Photobook ขายฟิคยุนแ

~> Photobook YunJae Phobee vol.1 จ้า ขาย 480฿ Sold => Short fic By PrettybowinG ขาย 250 -Sold Out- เล่

emilyexorsist | Fic: Fight It Out (YunJae - NC17) Oneshot

lol funny and hot xD I rly love how YunJae keep teasing eachother xD very good for a first YJ fic, rly liked the characters u gave them :)

Personal Favourite YunJae Fanfictions

I've been reading YunJae fanfics but was too Summary: A complete mess was what Jung Yunho Just Another HS Fic Posted by nings 0 comments

fic YunJae

Tags: fic, nc, yunjae 4 Comments nc yunjae โรงเกย์ posted on 12 Aug 2010 20:33 by purysweet โรงเกย์ 1

[FIC] Fated - Chapter 11 - The Afterlife

Title : Fated Author : uverjaeho Pairing : Yunjae Length : 11/? Genre : AU, Angst Rating : PG13, for now. Summary : Fate brought them back

Always keep the faith ♥ (Fic Recs)

For some godly reason, I only read yunjae/ot5 fics or fics of that OT5 | band!fic, crack, humorDBSK Has Logged In by aphaeiia (18)

yun&jae immortal love | yunjae fan fic blog

yunjae fan fic blogالقائمة تخطى إلى stiff Roses S1 (18) stiff Roses S2 (11) strange relationship (5)