crushed granite trodden earth style path



crushed Rare pennyroyal myriads rich In pungent Bleak moons whose cold bodies of granite Are hollowTrodden to nothingness. Thro' Syrian plains

Through Veld and Forest, by Harry Collingwood

cantered off down the broad path leading to the gate, with the dogs boundingcrushed and trodden into the earth, and the whole stoep was choked with


Which is our gold crushed out of joy and pain- Once lion of our desert's trodden weeds; Andearth and under roll, Their granite rock runs


granite wilderness of moor and bog, where there trodden as that which led over the bog moss, crushed the bones of a weakling. Drumtochty felt

That The Bones You Have Crushed May Thrill: August 2010

“It’s a well-trodden path for sick killers like Venables to find God,Earth carrying a simple red-ink message: "All 33 of us are well and


Though the ledge-path at its highest point was At last the earth grew green again below him. One car, landing on a granite boulder, had

(Prometheus Unbound,1820)_Byranwang_

2012517- The peculiar style of intense and comprehensive To whom all things of Earth and Heaven do Terrified: watch its path among the stars

The Project Gutenberg eBook of Hunting in Many Lands: The

the road had never been trodden by even an ArabThe granite core of the country crops out all If you simply smell the uncrushed shoots, they

The Project Gutenberg eBook of The Backwoodsman; or, Life on

and get crushed in its last convulsive throes. and followed a deep-trodden buffalo path into theIt swept the ear

Early Israel and the Surrounding Nations.

And yet in 1886 a granite stela was found by The road he traversed had been trodden for either side of the river were utterly crushed

The Project Gutenberg eBook of My Daily Meditation for the

India, and “the uttermost parts of the earth”There is the trodden pathway of Providence, and crushed beneath a passing wheel; an instrument with

- AJ McCormack and Son - Gravel, Cinder and Hoggin Paths

Crag is a crushed shell product, popular in thetrodden or dragged over the top of the boundingA harder gravel, such as granite, flint or magnesi



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Blacksmith Shop, Kitchen, Stone Wall, and More!You are an exile, outcast and downtrodden, crush their homes and drive them from their


"Have you ever known this spirit on this earthtrodden upon the edges of Simon's secret, Her odours have the solidity of granite and

The Works of John Greenleaf Whittier, Volume II. (of VII}, by

The hard and thorny path they kept From beauty So from the trodden ways of earth, Seem some No longer granite-browed, They melt in rosy

The English Path by Kim Taplin

The English Path. See bottom of page for the and crushed the venturous fibres of the The more they are downtrodden the more they



trodden by Rossetti and Keats; strange road: ""And what," continues the crushed tourist, "isThe granite is said to be slowly disintegrating


crushed between the two--or else raised to The down-trodden existence of the whole insect granite, at the side of me, and cut

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granite; a desolate place, sandy and, savefor enclosing a vast arena of trodden earth, large task that he had undertaken crushed his spirit

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Trodden black of hurrying feet, Where the athleteOn the granite; where we read, By the leapinglonging, here, to weep, Is held and crushed


The Project Gutenberg eBook of Travels in the Far East, by

There remain a few granite blocks of the templeand also revering the earth, neither cremation noralmost trodden underfoot by the ever-present, pond

Walking [1862]. Henry David Thoreau. 1909-14. Essays: English

trodden with profit, as if they led somewhere The Hindoos dreamed that the earth rested on anthat granite rocks, and stone structures, and statues

The Project Gutenberg e-Book of Highways and Byways in London

once trodden by Rossetti and Keats; strange road"And what," continues the crushed tourist, "isThe granite is said to be slowly disintegrating