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in conversation processing (PDF Download Available)

Article (PDF Available) in Journal of Memory and Language 58(3):627-645 · April 2008 with 188 Reads DOI: 10.1016/j.jml.2007.06.001


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Precursor-Derived Si-C-N Ceramics (PDF Download Available)

This thesis deals with the investigation of the deformation and fracture mechanical properties of precursor-derived (PDC) Si-C-N ceramics. The materials wer

High strength, heat resistant aluminum-based alloy, compacted

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signature in human neoplasia (PDF Download Available)

Article (PDF Available) in Journal of Clinical Investigation 115(11):3015-25 · December 2005 with 45 Reads DOI: 10.1172/JCI24862 · Sou


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relationships in schizophrenia (PDF Download Available)

Cortical mapping of genotype–phenotype relationships in schizophrenia Article (PDF Available) in Human Brain Mapping 28(6):519-32 · June 2007 


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Conference: National Conference of Thermodynamics with International Participation, At Craiova, Romania, Volume: Revista Termotehnica, nr. 1S/2011, ISSN-L


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catalyze bond cleavage in lignin? (PDF Download Available)

Laccases can catalyze polymerization of lignin, but the question is whether and how laccases can directly catalyze modification of lignin via catalytic bond


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on morphological and molecular data (PDF Download Available)

A monograph of Micropsalliota in Northern Thailand based on morphological and molecular data Article (PDF Available) in Fungal diversity 45(1):33-79

Soybean Cultivation and BBF in China (PDF Download Available)

Although Chinese soybean acreage ranks fourth in the world, its productivity is clearly lower than that of western soybean-producing countries. Research

Preparation by spray-drying of a flowable uranium dioxide

transferring the suspension introduced by 4 to the ultrasonic pulveriser 5.In particular, it has good compactibility and excellent sinterability

[Use of restrain in nursing homes] (PDF Download Available)

[Use of restrain in nursing homes] Article (PDF Available) in Tidsskrift for den Norske laegeforening 125(10):1346-8 · June 2005 with

(SNCR) Demonstration Test Program (PDF Download Available)

Cardinal 1 Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction (SNCR) Demonstration Test Program Article (PDF Available) · January 2000 with 37 Reads

(B) practical implementation (PDF Download Available)

Upgrading of vegetable residues for the production of novel types of products: multifunctional food ingredients in fruit juice and bakery goods. 2