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Ongoing Activities (Summer 2012)

Canadian aboriginal groups, in February, were lobbying Chinese authorities, ahead of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s visit to Beijing, seeking to

Optical analysis of aircraft transparencies (OPTRAN). Volume

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Monoamine Oxidase

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Power Through Clarity: How Clarifying the Old State-Based

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Status report on mirror alternatives

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Normal Gazette, July and August 1888

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Penicillin derivatives

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O juízo cognitivo de moldura do discurso racional universal

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Examining the Influence of Job Resourcefulness on Sales



2011120-II. Synthesis and antihypertensive effects of 2-ami,4-dihydropyridine derivatives having N,N-dialkylaminoalkoxycarbonyl groups at 3- and

Makespan Minimization in Job Shops: A Linear Time

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Influence of working memory on adult age differences in

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Spirocyclic 3-phenyl-3-substituted 4-ketolactams and 4-keto

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A new efficient synthetic process for the construction of the

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Liquid Core ARROW Waveguides: A Promising Photonic Structure

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